The following organizations and websites have great information about Safe Routes to School:

Check out the following safety tips:

  • "Drive your bike": Teach your kids to be good citizens of the road by obeying stop signs and looking for cross-traffic when coming out of an intersection. Practice "defensive biking."

  • Be visible. Consider bike flags, reflectors, and bright bike vests. Bright helmets are great, too!
  • Making left turns can be intimidating for bicyclists—of all ages. Remember that it’s always an option to dismount and use pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Look L-R-L. Remind kids to look left–right–left when crossing a street.
  • Set a good example. Put down your phone. Obey traffic laws. Be present.
  • Read Bicycle Safety: What Every Parent Should Know to find out what skills and knowledge your young rider needs.
  • Have a look at the City of Palo Alto's bicycle safety and education resources.
  • Watch this video with your child/children to reinforce key cycling safety behaviors.