Parents for Safe Routes encourages everyone in the community to stay informed and to be civically engaged. 


report a Safe Routes-related concern to…

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The City of Menlo Park

  • Email all members of the Menlo Park City Council at city.council@menlopark.org. Email the Menlo Park Transportation Department at transportation@menlopark.org or call 650-330-6770. You can also use the transportation email address and ask that concerns be forwarded to the Complete Streets Commissioners.  
  • Attend Menlo Park City Council and Complete Streets Commission meetings at City Council Chambers, 701 Laurel Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Menlo Park City Council: Tuesday nights at 7pm - check calendar here.

Menlo Park Complete Streets Commission: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm

  • Notify the Menlo Park Police Department. To report any non-emergency activity occurring at the particular moment, use the main police line of (650)330-6300. To report an on-going traffic related issue or concern, use the main line (650)330-6300 and ask for the Traffic Sergeant.
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The Town of Atherton

  • Email the Atherton City Clerk (Theresa DellaSanta) and Deputy City Clerk (Judi Herren) and ask that your email be shared with the City Council, Transportation Committee, Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and key staff members. 
  • Submit an area of concern using the City’s “Request Tracker” interface here
  • Attend Atherton City Council, Transportation Committee and Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings at City Council Chambers, 94 Ashfield Road, Atherton, CA 94027. Dates vary. See calendar.

Atherton City Council: 7pm - Monthly meetings.

Atherton Transportation Committee: 6pm - Meetings every other month.

Atherton Bike and Pedestrian Committee: 4:30pm - Meetings every quarter.

  • Notify the Atherton Police Department: Detective Sergeant Anthony Kockler, 650-752-0502.

The County of San Mateo (Unincorporated)

  • Email - Email all County Supervisors via individual emails:
  • Email the Bike and Ped Advisory Commission Members by emailing the County Liason, Gwen Buckley at gbuckley@smcgov.org and asking her to forward your email to all commissioners.
  • Contact the County Department of Public Works Staff at  (650) 363-4100 and they will direct your call to the appropriate person.
  • Attend San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meetings at the Hall of Justice, 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063. Tuesdays at 9am. Dates vary. See calendar.
  • Attend San Mateo County Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings. For information on timing and location, check here
  • Notify the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department: Sergeant Jerry Justice, 650-257-3405.



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City of Menlo Park

Every year the City of Menlo Park develops a “Work Plan” that dictates the priorities and associated budget for the City for each year. It is from these priorities that individual projects are funded and completed.

Town of Atherton

San Mateo County