Why biking on Oak Grove is better than Ravenswood

There are really two choices for a route across El Camino Real (Santa Cruz is not an option because it's the heart of our business district with lots of cars backing in and out) - Ravenswood/Menlo and Oak Grove.  Ravenswood carries 24,000 cars per day and has a 30 mph speed limit.  At the Middlefield end, there is a high-speed right turn that cuts across the bike lane.  Removing parking on Menlo to create bike lanes is a non-starter. 

Oak Grove carries 9,600 cars per day, has a 25 mph limit, is adjacent to M-A bike parking.  There will be additional cars moving in and out of 1300 ECR but note that it has three entrances.  Those coming from 101 South, 280 in both directions will use the Glenwood entrance.  The Oak Grove entrance will serve those coming/going to 101 via Willow.  Let's say it is 1/3 of the total cars going to the garage so about 300 cars/day.  Added to the existing 9600, the amount of traffic is still less than half of what people encounter on Ravenswood.

Jen Wolosin