Need to look forward and work together

There is plenty of blame to go around with regards to how we got into the infrastructure mess we’re in. Rapid development with little regard for traffic impacts, poor placement of schools, regional/multi-jurisdictional complexities, etc. While we can spend a lot of time arguing about how we got here, the fundamental issue is that the streets in Menlo Park were never designed for all of the traffic flow we’re currently experiencing. All neighborhoods are feeling the brunt of increased traffic and density - there's no escaping it. Pointing fingers at the past won't help our current predicament. We must adapt to the reality of our situation.

We are all interconnected and we have to look at the situation as a larger community. Our kids travel to school across jurisdictions, through different neighborhoods...we should all be looking out for each other. Shouldn't kids in Menlo Oaks feel like those in the Willows are looking out for their kids when they travel to Upper Laurel? What about those in Central Menlo looking out kids when the travel to Hillview? And on and on. This is about all of us, working together, for the kids.

Jen Wolosin