We have experienced firsthand what it’s like to pedal down a Menlo Park street with our young children, fighting for space along narrow roads with cars, other bikes, and pedestrians, concerned for our safety. We have seen countless near misses between commuters speeding and kids trying to cross busy streets. We have driven our kids to school, one by one, because, even though we live so close, we didn’t think the streets were safe enough to allow for walking or biking.

We have decided to stop complaining about the situation and take action. We believe that by working together we can make a difference in our community. Parents for Safe Routes sees ourselves as partners with neighbors, Schools and the City/County (and other relevant jurisdictions), ready to do the work to make the lives of our children, and the larger community safer and better. Traffic is only getting worse in our area, and the more we can do to reduce single occupancy driving, the better off we all will be. We invite all those in the community, who are concerned about kids and/or traffic, to join us.

There is much talk in our town about safety for kids and improving traffic congestion. Reports are written and plans are made. But days turn into weeks and months and years and nothing happens. Streets continue to be unsafe, kids continue to be driven and the roads get more crowded. Joint Ventures Silicon Valley released a report that states that Menlo Park has seen an increase in bicycle collisions over the years (the only jurisdiction among its neighbors with this trend). This is unacceptable. Every day that action is not taken is dangerous.

Jen Wolosin